In 2015, Sean Young shares over the web several polaroids taken during the footage of Blade runner. « Thinking about her » is born from one of them, combining FM synthesis, and typical sounds used by Vangelis in 1982. Shared on soundcloud, the track is nicely welcomed by the community. This encourages him to continue.

The idea of making a whole tribute to BR grows. But it has already been made, mostly by Edgar Rothermich, who reproduced carefully the soundtrack from Vangelis, and got very close to it. This is not Christophe’s approach.  For the same reason he stopped learning music to create, his tribute would have no sense if it does not bring anything new. So the choosen angle is to employ the Vangelis style from this period, by bringing variations of volume and expressivity to those typical sounds that made the Blade runner’s atmosphere unforgettable.


A tribute to Blade runner is available on Bandcamp and streaming platforms.