Born in 1976, Christophe begins to learn music theory at the age of six, and the organ four years later. He quickly understands that to play the music of others is not meant for him. As he mainly listen to electronic music pionneers such as Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Kraftwerk or Jean Michel Jarre, he naturally leaves the organ for synthesizers and computer assisted music, and begins to compose around 1989.

A few years later, studies in audiovisual domain near Lyon leads him to meet Aymeric Ponsart (MARK XIII organisation) who organises concerts of underground electronic artists on Grenoble and Lyon. Aymeric encourages Christophe in his music research, and finally, Christophe is signed on October 2000 on the brand new label UWe (Uncivilized World), co founded by Laurent Hô et Antoine Kraft. The project named Sulphuric Saliva is the fruit of industrial artists’s influence (Imminent starvation, Converter, Wumpscut…) and cinematic influences (David Lynch, Ridley Scott, Werner Herzog…). In a few years, the project finds an international public (Europe, Russia, Canada and Japan).

Since 2016, Christophe has enlarged the panel of his activities. He produces music under his own name and is officially registered as a composer, which allows him to work for corporate films, web advisers, short-movies, modern dance and also for photographers, mostly within the french festival « les Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert ». In 2019, his work for Flore Giraud (Intensités du malaise) wins the Jury award.