Christophe Leusiau



Christophe was born in France in 1976. He started to learn music theory at the age of six, and the organ four years later. He quickly understood about himself that he did not want to play music but to talk with music. He was deeply convinced that music can transmit things words can not. He mainly listened to electronic pioneers such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream, so he naturally turned to computer assisted music and bought his first synthesizer (a Roland U20) and a computer (ATARI STE) in 1989.
A few years later, he met David Frappaz & Aymeric Ponsart who fed him with lot of underground electronic artists (Black Lung, Wumpscut, Imminent starvation, Sonar…). It resulted in various productions but the most noticeable one was definitely a project called sulphuric saliva, made of beat and distortion. Signed on the label UWe (uncivilized world) founded by Laurent Hô and Antoine Kraft in 2000, sulphuric saliva produces a few albums and live acts in France & outside untill 2010.
Then, he produced a few soundtracks for short movies and began to compose for others in 2015, on various purpose (music to image, contemporary dance, photomontages).
He does not consider himself a composer in the academic sense, because his writing process is set in motion by the sound itself. As Pierre Schaeffer used to say about the difference between the composer who writes and the composer using speakers : « it’s the earing that generates the doing ».

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