Christophe was born in 1976. Since the very early, music took all the place. He began to learn music theory at the age of six, and the organ in 1986. But he was clearly attracted by another kind of sounds, those made by electronic machines. Fascinated by the ability of music to transfer to the mind and body pure states of emotion and energy, he left music learning and started to create with an Atari STE computer and a Roland U20, near 1989.

He signed his first CD album on the french label UWe/Uncivilized world (Laurent Hô) in October 2000, with a project called « sulphuric saliva » which had a nice notoriety in France and beyond. In 2015, he began a secondary professional activity which allowed him to collaborate with people and create music for various purposes : short-movies, modern dance, web advertisement, photographic montages or corporate videos.

The way he produces music is an inward process, depending on  sound itself, textures and what they suggest. Pierre Schaeffer said that in opposition to a composer who writes music, the composer who uses machines produces sound and this sound generates the idea of the next sound, or when hearing generates the doing. Convinced that music talks with a way words can not equal, his approach is rather that of a painter who invites you to watch his work with your ears.