Christophe began to learn music theory in 1982, at six years old. As it was requested, he waited three years before he could choose to learn an instrument. Then he choose the organ. But he got bored with the routine of playing the music of other people. Moreover, he was fascinated by synthesizers and composers such as Vangelis or bands like Tangerine Dream. So he started to write his own music with an Atari STE and ROLAND U20 in 1990.
Ten years and some meetings later, he got signed on the brand new electronic label Uwe (UncivilizedWorld) under the name of « Sulphuric saliva », a noisy & hard techno project which will found an international notoriety.

Today, Christophe not only writes for himself but multiplies collaborations : short movies (Le jour où Papa a tué le monstre, Candidat…), audiovisual productions (Odil TV), dancing companies (Tocade, Alfred Alerte), catwalks (Sacha Leemans) and also various photographs for festivals such as « les Nuits photographiques de Pierrevert ».